Marvin Miller Marketing Management

Focusing on managing the 4 P’s of modern marketing management


Successfully managed and supported projects for businesses and clients utilising effective communication, coordination, cooperation and controls. Projects include:

  • Transitioning marketing to incorporate digital channels, technology, analytic tools and marketing automation
  • Managing strategy implementation – including inbound and content marketing
  • Event management of national and international events
  • End to end campaign management – single and multi channel
  • Partnership joint marketing ventures


Proven adept at managing budgets, implementing controls and using analytic tools to assess projects, programmes and people. Includes devising hierarchical performance monitoring metric systems for:

  • Goal tracking and ROI assessment
  • Optimising channel performance
  • Reliable reporting
  • Improving marketing performance


An experienced leader and developer of individuals and teams of up to 14 people as well as building and managing relationships with internal and external stakeholders


Successful collaborations with cross functional teams and external partners on joint marketing campaigns and sponsorship activation to maximise the marketing impact against business goals and objectives.

Includes forging good relationships with external advertising and creative agencies to produce cut through campaigns. Campaigns led by creativity, business objective, knowledge and well managed resources.